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At Rid-A-Pest, we believe the best tactic to wildlife control involves fixing sanitation and structural issues along with the limited use of traditional pest control methods. This approach can act as a powerful prevention to encroaching pests and wildlife.

See how some of the common wildlife invasions can cause you a nightmare!


Raccoons are masked bandits that can wreak havoc on your property. They raid human and pet food supplies. Female raccoons love to nest in cozy areas and hence enter homes.

Raccoons may carry various parasites and diseases that can be transmitted to the household residents or pets. These animals scratch and bite when scared. If this occurs, it is possible for the resident or pet to get infected with rabies, roundworm, distemper or other serious ailments. If you find raccoons in your home, it is necessary to seek help from us at Rid-A-Pest.


Squirrels are capable of building their nest anyplace available to them. This could mean chewing through and damaging your roof materials. These yard rodents are fun to watch, but they can cause serious problems as well.

These rodents cause severe damage within the home. Attics and garages are very popular nesting areas, and squirrels can easily reach these locations by chewing through the exterior surface. Squirrels can be easily detected by signs of droppings, gnawing, food waste, and sounds of activity.


Unlike raccoons and squirrels, opossums don’t receive the same level of adoration. Some opossums will famously "play possum" to appear and smell dead. Male opossums can behave aggressively at times. The nesting habits of opossums cause damage to building materials, and these pests eat human and pet food supplies.

Birds and bats

Birds and bats can transmit a variety of diseases through their droppings. Though rare, a rabid bat can be extremely dangerous. In addition to causing health problems, bird and bat infestation can also be extremely messy and irritating.

Most birds are protected against trapping and nuisance control. Birds carry disease and can cause an array of problems for a homeowner. It’s common to find pigeons, sparrows, crows, and starlings dirtying and building their nests in your attic or under the eaves of your roof. Woodpeckers can cause damage by pecking walls or siding of your home.

Most bats are nocturnal, and they typically come out at night to feed on insects. Bats can be very annoying if they get inside your house or outdoor building. The creatures can enter your home through open chimneys, attic vents, or openings near your roof.

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