Yellow jacket

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Honeybees play an important part in fertilizing plants and flowers, but they can be a pain to homeowners. They often build their hives in your exposed walls, chimneys, and even inside your home — and bees can be very dangerous if their hive is threatened.

If you have a bee problem, call Rid-A-Pest today! We work with local beekeepers in the Indianapolis area to remove bees safely while keeping the local honeybee population strong.

Rid your property of yellow jacket and hornet infestations

Yellow jackets look like honeybees, but they are really a breed of wasp. They are aggressive scavengers that often make their nest in your attic. Often a wet spot in your ceiling that slowly grows is a sign of a yellow jacket hive. 

Don't take on your yellow jacket problem by yourself! Save yourself from painful stings and ensure that the entire hive is gone from your home by calling us today! We have the experience and the tool to remove your bee or yellow jacket problem. Ask us for a FREE estimate today!
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